Panasonic P61 Specifications review Price

Panasonic P61 Specifications

Panasonic has launched and released a new gadget with the name Panasonic P61. This is a smartphone has good specs that comes with the android kitkat operating system strong 3G network. Resolution 6-inch device is more worthy to be called by phablet. Valued around 14,000 in India and is ready to compete with other smartphones. Let us further about the specifications, reviews, the durability and features of this phablet.

Panasonic P61 Review

Panasonic P61 Specs

Panasonic P61 Specs comes with a 6-inch touch screen display and is equipped with IPS panel makes this handset so apparent width. Nevertheless remains clear with HD display support IPs. Coupled with the android operating system 4.4 which is the latest OS, add to the look so nice views.
Thi widescreen handset is powered with 1.3 GHz super processor quad-core and backed with 1GB RAM. Battery capacity is also fairly good, with a capacity of about 2,800 mAh can last all day. This course is a dual SIM smartphone that possible to use two cards in one handset.

Panasonic P61 Specs

Panasonic P61

Not only a good screen specs, this Panasonic P61 handset also offers dual cameras capable of giving the impression of the power of multimedia. To the front of the camera, there is a 2MP camera for selfie needs, and to the back of the camera, there is an 8MP camera that is equipped with auto-focus with LED flash.

Meanwhile, to store a variety of files including photos, videos, songs and contacts, this Panasonic P 61 handset provides a super large internal memory with a storage capacity of 16GB. And if it is insufficient, you can still use a micro SD card slot for external storage. Available up to 32GB of storage capacity.

Equipped with connectivity features like 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, FM Radio and Bluetooth along with dual SIM functionality. makes this handset more complete in terms of functionality.
This smartphone worth compared to Magnum Lava X604, Asus ZenFone 6, and Xolo Q2500 PocketPad.

Panasonic P61 Price

Let’s talk about Panasonic P61 mobile price in India. If you are interested in buying this handset, you can get it for Rs.14,000 in India.
Panasonic P61 Specifications review Price

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