Best Call Spy Apps for Android

With the rise of technology, there has been an increase in the dependence on smartphones.  Mobile phone usage has become widespread all over the world.  Addiction to smart phones is common among people of all ages, especially the youth. The information stored in your smartphones can be immensely useful-not only for you but also for those who are concerned about you and need to stay well informed about your activities and whereabouts. These may include parents worried about the well being of their kids or employers concerned about their firm.
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For them, the safest and most effective way to do away with their problems is by making use of monitoring apps. As many devices in the market are home to the Android operating system, we have chosen the best tracking software specifically designed for this mobile platform. So, check it out below to see all list of best call spy apps for android:

Best Call Spy Apps for Android
Best Call Spy Apps for Android

Top 5 Call Spy Apps for Android

  1. Mobile Spy: For a spyware newbie, Mobile Spy is the best option with its user-friendly interface and its basic functionality. Although it does not feature the high-end specs that many other apps offer, it very well serves its purpose of monitoring and tracking calls. Other than screening the content of texts and media, it can also keep a track of the data even if the data has been deleted from the phone.
  2. Mobistealth: This app is home to high-end features but this does not necessarily mean that it also sports a high-price tag. It offers high quality features which allow you to remotely monitor the target system with utmost efficacy. Basic features like call recording, text message tracking, contact info, web browsing, pictures and videos are just the begriming. Mobistealth goes as far as making a sound recording of the surroundings of the device. All the data it has collected from the device shows up in your private and confidential online dashboard, in a very organized manner.
  3. StealthGenie:  StealthGenie neither has the sophistication of Mobistealth, nor does it offer as many monitoring options as the latter gives to its users. It, however, has its own share of pros which make it one of the best. It is considered to be a highly cost-effective option as compared to other call spy apps available in the market. It has a pretty basic interface and is extremely easy to use. This makes it very popular among newbies.
  4. mSpy: mSpy is very easy to download and install in your cellular device. It comes to the market with great user reviews. This app comes packed with some top-notch features that will give you the best tracking experience ever. These include valuable features like call tracking, logging and recording. It gives you numerous features for monitoring a device without burning a hole in your pocket like most other sophisticated monitoring software, available in the market.
  5. PhoneSheriff: PhoneSheriff bags high ratings but this does not mean it lacks its share of drawbacks. 24/7 customer support is not available for the users who choose to purchase PhoneSheriff. This can create a problem for newbies who might require help at odd hours. Monitoring calls with the help of these apps is an easy process. In addition to call recordings, this app gives you notifications about the duration, date and time of the call.

Best Call Spy Apps for Android