Dell XPS 11 Hybrid

Dell XPS 11 Hybrid – dell XPS 11 hybrid has been announced officially. Now, what was rumored a few months ago became a reality, because dell xps 11 has been announced officially. This is a tablet and laptop as well, with the flip of a screen.
How about the features and specifications owned?

Dell XPS 11 Hybrid Specs

Dell XPS 11 Hybrid ultrabook has a Quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution display, this resolution is sharp enough to display images and videos clearly. maybe it will featured gorilla glass screen. Rumored that the ultrabook is almost the same resolution with retina owned by macbook pro.

In addition, there are also features a backlit keyboard, this feature that I like the most, when we typed in the darkness, then the keyboard will glow in the darkness.
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The processor as well as a complete specification, is not yet known and confirmed officially. It’s just that, estimated to have weighed about 1.13 kg. However, in some sites, make prediction that it will equipped with Intel Core i5 processor code-named Haswell.

Also reports that, Dell XPS 11 hybrid ultrabook will come with a pen, so this like galaxy note, which comes with a stylus pen. because this ultrabook could also turn into a tablet by folding it.
Possible, the operating system that will be used is Windows 8. 1 with codename blue.

Dell XPS 11 Hybrid Specs and Price
Dell XPS 11 Hybrid Specs and Price

Dell XPS 11 Hybrid Price and Release date

About the price of XPS 11 Hybrid, is not yet announced. Let’s wait for the news and update for this ultrabook.

Dell XPS 11 Hybrid Specs and Price

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