Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 Price

Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 – Earlier, have circulated rumors about Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual-SIM version. The news was further strengthened by the news that Galaxy S4 dual SIM will be present in china. And today, Samsung has officially launched Samsung Galaxy s4 dual-sim in China. if not mistaken, the series of dual sim samsung galaxy S4 is GT i9502.

Several months ago, the news about Galaxy S4 mini also circulating, but it is currently unknown as to when it will also be launched. We do not know what next samsung strategies.
we know Samsung Galaxy S4 duos / dual sim launched in China only. Hmm, we all hope the dual-sim version will soon be available for the whole world including India, USA, US, uae, Singapore and so on. Would all expect this smartphone, Galaxy S4 is better suited to the dual-sim feature because the feature will look more luxurious, and very luxurious than the single sim version. Because I think galaxy S4, it’s a version for middle and upper class that should have dual-simcard feature.

Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched in China
Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched in China

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual-SIM Specifications

How about the specs of dual-SIM samsung galaxy s4 ?
Of course, this smartphone will run on the Android Jelly bean operating system. Reinforced with a typical display samsung touchwiz. Specifications owned, similar to the overall galaxy s4 single sim version. The list of specs such as: this smartphone powered by 5 octa Exynos processor. Has display 5-inch screen with a resolution backed by the super amoled 1080p. The camera, has a 13MP rear camera. And 2MP at front.

Samsung Galaxy S4 dual-SIM price

About the price for dual-sim samsung galaxy s4 is about ¥5.699
Based on the news, for the time being, Galaxy S4 dual-sim version is only available in china only. We do not know whether to be available to the entire world or not.
Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched in China

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