Asus K45d Durable and Quality

Modern people always pay attention about the development of technology out there. What I want to review here is about quality laptop such as Asus K45d. Asus K45d has the dimensions, shape and weight of something like a notebook with a screen size of 14″. It has a resolution of 1366 √ó 768. You can notice about its quality appearance which is charming in black with a finishing line LCD screen lid section and merged with the color combination of black dark gray. If it is about the side cover, it uses glossy color LCD screen which may make you to be diligent in cleaning of finger prints that seem always captivating.

Durable and Quality Asus K45d
Durable and Quality Asus K45d

Asus K45d Specifications

Asus K45d notebook uses AMD A8-4500M processor that has four cores that run on it. It means you should not wonder about the performance. It also uses the power of 9Ghz equipped also with tubo cores. Compared to other similar laptops, you may notice that this laptop has superior performance. This notebook is also well supported by 2GB of DDR3 memory which can be upgraded easily to reach 8Gb capacity in order to provide higher performance. So, any gamers may consider this notebook to be their perfect option.

Asus K45d Graphics Specs

In the aspect of graphics, the Asus K45D uses two GPUs, the AMD Radeon hd7640g which is first embedded and the 2nd amd radeon hd7470m planted on board that has 1Gb DDR3 VRAM memory. Dual graphics embedded in this notebook can run greatly. For any people who have the need in conducting working in the aspect of graphic, such laptop can become perfect option indeed
Durable and Quality Asus K45d

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