How to enable ad hoc wifi on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Ace Ad hoc Wifi – In this section, I will share about how to enable wifi adhoc in samsung galaxy ace. I’ts like wiFi adhoc enabler. So, you can solve samsung galaxy ace that have problems with wifi adhoc.
smartphone with wifi feature would make us proud and happy. We can connect with WiFi internet connection provided by other devices or other companies. Once WiFi only be enjoyed by the computer. And now it has been different, sophisticated smartphone also implanted with wifi feature. We can connect with WiFi internet for free and with a fairly high speed internet.

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How to Enable adhoc Wifi detection in samsung galaxy ace

You can also enable the WiFi on your smart phone. So your smart phone become a hotspot. And other devices such as laptops and smart phones can connect and retrieve via WiFi internet connection that you provide.
However, it is not possible is, share the connection from the laptop to the smart phone. Connection can be shared between a laptop with laptop alone.

How to Enable wifi adhoc in samsung galaxy ace
How to Enable wifi adhoc in samsung galaxy ace

If from a laptop to a smartphone that can not be done. Then if from smart phones to laptops, it can be done.
To receive the internet connection from the laptop, you need to enable your samsung galaxy ad hoc wifi.
so, how do I enable adhoc wifi on samsung galaxy? rather in samsung galaxy ace, galaxy s3 and other samsung galaxy smartphones. With Ad hoc wifi allow us to share your internet connection with other laptops and vica versa.

So, this tutorials also give you tips on how to fix problems and enable wifi adhoc connection.
Do not worry, I’ll share how to enable adhoc wifi on samsung galaxy ace:
Follow the steps below. But make sure your galaxy ace is root. Then if you have root yet. You can root ur galaxy ace first.
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Enable WiFi adhoc on Galaxy Ace

1. Download Wifi suplicant. you can get it here: Wifi adhoc
2. Use root explorer app, then go to /system/bin. Then find wpa_suplicant file, and then rename the file with a name up to you. (it’s For backup)
3. Then, copy and paste the files that you have downloaded, and place it in /system/bin.
4. Then, change the file permision to 777 (rwxrwxrwx). Or you could be checking the all.
5. After that, you could do a restart.

I’ve tried this way and it works. If you have any questions and if it does not work, please let me know. :)
Good luck.
How to Enable Samsung Galaxy Ace Ad hoc WiFi

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