How to Increase HTC One Storage Capacity

As you may have known, the United States’ version of HTC One doesn’t support Micro SD card slot. This means that you’re stuck with the limited internal storage. For some the internal storage might be enough, but for people like me it’s hardly fulfill my needs. That is why today we are writing about how to increase HTC One storage capacity.

We could not understand the reason why HTC decided to seclude the Micro SD card slot, especially when the Asia-Pacific version of the HTC One comes with such slot that support up to 64GB of extra storage capacity. According to our sources, the US version of HTC One is lacking space because of the larger radio band support. I think this excuse is irrelevant. However, it doesn’t matter how much we are going to complain, at the end of the day the North American customers should accept the reality.

Tips to Increase HTC One Storage Capacity

How do we manage to increase HTC One storage capacity without the slot? By using the cloud storage service, of course. There are many options to choose from. My personal favorite is Dropbox, which offers a free 2GB of cloud storage for documents. I usually use Dropbox to save important files from work. Meanwhile, I am using Google Drive to store my videos and photos in their 15GB of free cloud storage.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also make multiple accounts in other cloud services such as Mega (which offers a whopping 50GB free cloud storage), Box (which offers 10GB free), SkyDrive (7GB free cloud space) and BitCasa (10GB free).
If the cloud storage is not your thing, you can always opt for a more physical solution. First you will need a USB OTG cable. A friend of mine uses an external and portable hard drive to store the extra files (for example, a master program, old photos etc). You can also use the standard USB flash drive if you want.

There are a lot of answers if you asked about how to increase HTC One storage capacity, and the choice is yours.

How to Increase HTC One Storage Capacity

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