LG Optimus L4 2 Specs and Price

LG Optimus L4 2 – If you are one out of the many LG Android Smartphone enthusiasts you will be happy to know that he manufacturing team is about to release a new member to their existing list of LG Android Smartphones. Their latest L-series had been a success as well as a trigger for the brand to prolong its collection. Namely refered to as the L4 II, this Android Smartphone tops up its predecessors, the L3, L5 and L7 II. This is upcoming smartphone 2013.

LG Optimus L4 2 Price

One of its most highlighted features is its budget-friendly rate. Although the LG Optimus L4 2 device is not yet in the market, in Russia the rate is noted to sell at $172.
Unlike other lines of Android Smartphones in the market, the LG Optimus L4 II is renowned for its tight competition with several other brands in the market. The Samsung line for one has often been compared to for its features in camera phone. Noted by many as being more true to the real version, the LG camera features will not let you down. It is forecasted that the style and design of the L4 II will not fall far from the previous L3, L5 and L7.

LG Optimus L4 2 Specs and Price
LG Optimus L4 2 Specs and Price

LG Optimus L4 2 Specs

At an estimate of $172 you are looking at a 3 MP rear camera LED-lit flash. LG Optimus L4 2 is presented with the Jelly Bean OS and a 1 GHz single-core processor. If you care about the display and the resolution, you will not be disappointed as the L4 II contains the specification of a 3.8 inch screen and a 480.320p resolution. All these features combined with the fantastic rate is the L4 II from LG you will not want to miss out on. About the price of LG Optimus L4 2 Price in India is still unknown.
LG Optimus L4 2 Specs and Price

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