Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumors

Though it is still not confirmed by the company, it spreads the rumor that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be launched during September 2013. People cannot hide their excitement for receiving this information since the gadget product from Samsung is well received by many people. The great innovation of the gadget product from Samsung has attracted many people and they will try to find out something new from several products of the gadget including this launching information for the latest gadget of Samsung.

There is some prediction that guesses the launch for this newest gadget from Samsung is going to be planned near the launching of Apple’s iPhone 5S which will be released on September 20. Whether it is true or not, the public still wait for this official launching for the product of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It seems that the finest specification for this gadget will be the interesting thing that many people want to know.

Several Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Several Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs

It is predicted that this gadget of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to show the big screen size from its specification. It is assumed that this product may have the specification for 5.7 inches or 5.9 inches screen. It is also a mystery for the specification of the screen type for this gadget. People might be curious to know whether this gadget will use the technology of LCD screen or AMOLED screen or even both of this screen type will be employed for this gadget. There is no such official news about it and the speculation has been spread over the internet.
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Several Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3